Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Week 3, #6: Flickr mashup and 3rd party sites

This is fun. I don't need no stinking Yahoo! account to create ID passes and trading cards. My granddaughters will love having trading cards made with their picture on it.
But back to school stuff. I can see making faculty trading cards or magazine covers in much the same way I had a reading promotion using the ALA READ format. I can create book review cards. We could create book review cards district-wide, post them on Flickr, print them up from Flickr, and post them around the library.

Week 3, #5: Explore Flickr

I went on the Flickr tool and got excited about creating an account and using it. Unfortunately, my browser closed down 3 times in a row trying to create an account. I'll try again when I am not feeling frustrated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Week 2 and Thing 4 : Register Blog

That was very easy to do. Jackie, I look forward to getting a confirmation from you.

Week2 and Thing3 : Create Your Own Blog

Creating a blog was easier that I thought it would be. Writing on it is getting easier. I just don't like posting for all to see. It feels like jumping into the deep end.

Now getting my avatar from Yahoo to the blog is another thing. I have spent several hours trying to export it as an HTML and a jpg and still it doesn't show. HELP!

Week 1, Thing 2 : 7 1/2 Habits

I feel I have all 7 1/2 of the habits of highly successful lifelong learners, and my taking this online course demonstrates that. I especially accept responsibility for my own learning and use technology to my advantage. What I would like to do more, is play.

Week 1, Thing 1 : 23 Things

I've read "About" and see what this course will entail. It all looks good and involves stuff that is blocked on my school server, but I will feel I know what this interactive internet is about.