Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Week 9, #23: Copyright & Creative Commons

That Disney video on copyright is downright irritating. It covers the topic, but the constant patching gave me a headache. Yes, yes ... I am a librarian who is well-schooled in copyright. I have given workshops on copyright and teach all the students about plagiarism.

But this Creative Commons thing is a fantastic idea. With so much on the Internet that we could so easily copy and use, the idea of allowing a certain level of reuse without the re-user having to go through people's lawyers and such is a breath of fresh air.

Week 9, #23: Summary

This course truly felt like I was just surfing the Internet Web 2.0. Now I feel a bit overwhelmed by the "To Do" list I have created in order to "dive deeper"..

1) I need to document all the new accounts I have created.

2) I want to go back and learn more about many of the tools and websites.

3) I have a blog and several projects I started on a very sketchy basis that I would like to go back to and flesh out.

4) I still need to get my avatar to show up on my blog!

5) I have videos to download, podcasts to listen to, and eBooks to download and enjoy.

6) I have my church catalog to create.

7) Now I want to try and create some podcasts for my students.

In summary, this is the never-ending learning.

Thank you, CSLA, and the good people who put this all together. Kudos to you all!

Week 9, #22: eBooks

I checked out the eBook sources. For less that $10 annual subscription, you have access to a lot of audiobooks. This can definitely make commuting more interesting.

Our local public library has audiobooks, or ebooks, available on-line. Unfortunately, they are not compatible with Macs. BOO! HISS! I noticed some English lit book titles available for burning on a CD. So now I need to get to a PC with a CD burner and attempt to capture some titles for our RSP and ELL students.

Week 9, #21: Podcasts

I checked out all the listed directories for podcasts. The first two were frustrating and the first 5 podcasts I selected did not download, or open. Yahoo was the best. It quickly found the podcasts I usually open from the originating webset, much to my surprise.

I got carried away looking for podcasts on the Educational Podcast Network. WOW! This is a cool way to learn about stuff, and to get ideas for creating my own podcasts.

But wait! I have an Apple computer and an iPod, so I went to iTunes and was stunned by what it available from there for free. Check it out! It's exciting!

Week 9, #20: You Tube

Now, this is a site I have been using for several years now. I started out looking for missing episodes of the Daily Word from the Colbert Report, and now I use it frequently. When Apple posted a list of songs for Valentine's Day, I watched each one on You Tube. When I consider buying tickets for a show, I check out the entertainer's videos. I also use it to find explanations of things, like the Web 2.0 videos.

So here's my contribution: Rube Goldberg in the Library.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week 8, #19 Library Thing

Here's the link:

My Library Thing

I tried to work the widget for adding a "search my library" to my blog. I guess I need to work it some more.

Week 8, #19: Library Thing

I volunteered to organize my church library and have spent a long time trying to figure out how I can do this to make sense to the people who use it. I am definitely going to use this to see if it will work for them -- and me. What kind of print-outs, lists, or whatever can I produce. Yes I will have to learn more about Library Thing and all of its features.