Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 3: #7 : Anything about technology

Now I bought a Mac computer a little over two years ago, and I felt like I was cruising. I got a new iPod for Christmas and was ready to enjoy my music, podcasts, etc.; but discovered that the new iPod does not work on Tiger. I was told I need to upgrade to Leopard. OK, so I've put it off for three months because I just know the upgrade is going to upset my carefully orchestrated computer. Monday night I finally got the nerve and installed Leopard. It took a couple of hours; but everything looked beautiful when I rebooted the computer and have this magnificent aurora borealis on my desktop.

Then I tried to get on the Internet. Wouldn't you know it would tell me I could not! I checked all my connections. I unplugged and replugged every cable I could find. I turned off every device for a minute and turned it back on, and I still could not connect. I called, and after 58 minutes waiting to talk with a technician, and repeating all the steps I just described, we determined that it was not the DSL modem or Airport Express. How did we do that? The wireless connection with my laptop worked just fine. And I thought of checking that all by myself. Then I called Apple. First I talked with the Leopard expert, who told me the problem was with my desktop computer. The desktop expert (or is that genius?) passed me over to the Airport expert. The Airport expert would not help me unless I went through all the steps I had just described to her that I had done twice before. The whole process -- waiting to connect with an techie, turning things off and on, unplugging and plugging, checking settings in "network" and "preferences" took almost two hours.

Check that task off my "To Do" list.

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School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Help desks -- don't you just love them? Guess it makes sense to have a good book handy for the wait time.